IT Automation in 2023: Enabling Innovation and Efficiency

IT Automation in 2023: Enabling Innovation and Efficiency

May 4, 2023
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST | 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST

Make Operations Quicker and Easier

IT Automation is fundamental to completing missions, growing businesses, retaining employees, and more.

In this virtual event, learn how automation technologies are evolving; how real organizations using automation find value and overcome deployment challenges; and where it can transform NetOps, SecOps, and business processes.

Topics Include:
The Future of Automation Technologies
What IT Automation Means for Your Organization’s NetOps and SecOps
More on Intent-driven Networking, AI, and Machine Learning
Keynote Session
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Using Security Automation to Solve Workforce Shortages, Alert Fatigue, & More

Sponsored by: HID Global
Presented by: Shalin Jyotishi, Senior Program Manager, Burning Glass Institute;

More security tools can’t help your business if your overwrought SOC staff is too busy to look at every alert. They can’t patch all the vulnerabilities or investigate all the potential incidents without help. In this session, learn how security automation can soothe your security team and improve your defenses at the same time.

Fireside Chat
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Sponsored by: HID Global
Moderated by: Dana Gardner
Panelists: Mrugesh Chandarana, Director of Product Management for HID PKIaaS
Keynote Session
12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Move Over RPA – Are You Ready for RDA?

Sponsored by: Automox
Presented by: Sidney M. Prescott, Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Spotify

According to a recent survey, over 85% of IT leaders want to leverage data automation technologies – and just under 4% of them are actually doing it. Robotic data automation (RDA) is similar to its grandparent, robotic process automation (RPA), allowing leaders to streamline and automate their data pipelines. This keynote will offer a playbook for integrating RDA into your current robotic automation plans and build out the most robust data intelligence strategy with the least amount of friction for your team.

Fireside Chat
1:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Sponsored by: Automox
Moderated by: Dana Gardner
Panelists: Jason Kikta, Chief Information Security Officer, Automox
Premier Session
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Making IT Automation a Reality

Sponsored by: TeamDynamix
Presented by: Andrew Graf

A recent market study with Information Week reveals that 58% of IT teams are mired in manual, redundant work – with the average IT technician spending 2-3 months a year on routine tasks, basic integration work, and password resets.  Automating the toil is essential and today this is easier than ever with the use of no-code integration and automation platforms such as iPaaS.  Attend this session to get a view into how you can improve everything from employee onboarding to password resets to the flow of financial and sales data.  Integrate your enterprise applications: Workday, Salesforce, Active Directory, AWS, Azure, DocuSign, and hundreds more with an easy, no-code platform.  Let automation take off.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remove the Manual Toil – IT teams are spinning their wheels on mundane tasks or ‘toil’ which amounts to 2-3 months a year of manual tasks – this can be automated.
  • Leverage No-Code Integration & Automation – Companies that adopt no-code integration and automation through the use of iPaaS platforms are improving the enterprise flow of data & processes.
  • Automate the Enterprise – Learn how you can automate everything from onboarding employees to password resets to aggregating financial & sales data.
Premier Session
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

3 Key Takeaways from Hyperproof’s 2023 Benchmark Survey

Sponsored by: Hyperproof
Presented by: Kayne McGladrey, CISSP, Field CISO, Hyperproof

Hyperproof conducts an annual survey to uncover the top challenges IT compliance professionals face and what hot topics they’re focused on in the coming year. Tune in to our 30 minute session where we’ll cover the top three findings from this year’s survey report that will shape the way you address compliance operations at your organization.


You’ll learn about:

  • A surprising correlation between those who operate with risk and compliance data in silos and those who experienced a breach in the last 24 months
  • How your peers are feeling and reacting to increasing regulatory burden
  • What organizations are doing to address these challenges today
Premier Session
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Get The Right People in the Room: Combining Technology & Sentiment to Create Cost Efficient Experience

Sponsored by: Nexthink
Presented by: Matt Evans, Sr. Product Scientist, Qualtrics & Erik Jost, Digital Workplace Head, Wipro

IT & HR: the advice tells us these two departments are better when working together, but how can we actually make that happen? Join Matt Evans of Qualtrics and Erik Jost of Wipro for a cozy fireside exploration of the ways in which sentiment data can improve the technology experience. Learn how getting the right people in the room can not only increase employee engagement and retention but make employee experience more cost efficient as well.

Premier Session
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM

Strategies for Adopting IT Automation Across Your Organization

Sponsored by: Red Hat
Presented by: Walter Bentley, Senior Manager, Automation Practice, & Kaete Piccirilli, Director, Ansible Automation Product Marketing, Products & Technologies, Red Hat

A recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey highlights the importance of IT automation: 80% of respondents say adopting IT automation is “extremely important” or “very important” to the future success of their organization. However, only 34% of respondents say that IT leaders are actually embracing that role¹.

As companies strive to become more agile and digitize their operations, IT automation has evolved into a business imperative and has become a critical element in digital transformation. IT leaders must not focus solely on technical matters like selecting the right technology. They should also become evangelists by developing a strategic vision for IT automation and serving as a proponent of culture change to overcome the resistance present at many organizations today.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform supports your digital transformation
  • Understand how organizational change and culture impact the advancement of IT automation.
  • Identify top priorities and define the roles IT leaders should play to advance IT automation

¹Harvard Business Review Pulse Survey: Taking the lead on IT automation

Spotlight Custom Webinar
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM

The Key to Identity in Zero Trust Environments

Sponsored by: HID Global
Presented by: Scott Kern, Vice President of Customer & Technical Solutions for HID PKIaaS & Mrugesh Chandarana, Director of Product Management for HID PKIaaS

Join PKI professionals Scott Kern and Mrugesh Chandarana of HID as they bust some myths about Zero Trust security and explore why automation is the key to a successful implementation of Zero Trust environments. Whether the challenge of implementing Zero Trust security is overwhelming in and of itself, or your organization has many processes and operations that you don’t want to risk disrupting, this conversation is one you won’t want to miss. Scott and Mrugesh explore real world applications of automation and share insights on how it has helped organizations overcome perceived obstacles all while leveraging resources they already have.

Spotlight Custom Webinar
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Automation for Lead Economic Times

Sponsored by: Automox
Presented by: Jason Kikta, CISO, Automox; Marina Liang, Senior Security Engineer, Automox; Joe Reinemann, Automation Specialist, Tray.iO

From COVID to looming economic concerns, the only constant of late has been uncertainty. How do you stay ahead?

Our host and Automox CISO, Jason Kikta teams up with Senior Security Engineer, Marina Liang and Automation Specialist from Tray.iO, Joe Reinemann to discuss how to stay ahead with less.

Hear from the field experts on their favorite ways to automate processes, workflows, and communication – especially when expectations are high and teams are smaller than ever. 

Premier Session

Automate with Okta, In 10 Minutes or Less

Sponsored by: Okta
Presented by: Jen Vaccaro, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Workflows, Okta

How much time do you spend on manual processes like user on/off-boarding? Learn how Okta can help automate identity-centric use cases at scale with Okta Workflows, Okta’s no-code identity automation and orchestration platform service, saving teams time, delivering operational sustainability, and helping you get to market faster. Join, Jen Vaccaro, Senior Product Marketing Manager, for a 10-minute webinar as she demonstrates how to get started or expand with Workflows including how to:

  • Optimize IT efficiency by eliminating manual tasks
  • Enable anyone to automate provisioning, and other identity processes.
  • Simplify customer communication with customizable templates
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

The Intent for Automation: Six Ways AI is a Gamechanger

Moderated by: Dana Gardner
Panelists: Rebecca Herold, CEO & Co-Founder, Privacy & Security Brainiacs; Sherelle Moore, Owner & CEO, CyionCyber; and Ariel Robinson, Cybersecurity and Privacy Professional

While enterprises have enjoyed the streamlined workload reconfiguration from IoT and enhanced edge applications, the manual programming behind those initiatives can often be a bit primitive, leaving the custodians scratching their heads and wondering, “What was this programmer thinking?”

In this panel, we’ll take a look at intent-driven networking that’s using AI and machine learning to mold and build the system as it evolves, using the original intention as a heartbeat rather than an afterthought. We’ll look at ways you can start implementing those strategies right now and talk through a few case studies of organizations who have realized bigger and better efficiencies.

IT Automation in 2023: Enabling Innovation and Efficiency
May 4, 2023
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST | 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST
Kaete Piccirilli
Director, Ansible Automation, Product Marketing, Products & Technologies, Red Hat
Walter Bentley
Senior Manager, Automation Practice, Red Hat
Erik Jost
Digital Workplace Head, Wipro
Erik Jost is responsible for end-to-end delivery, optimization and digital transformation of all North America digital workplace clients at Wipro. He has a successful history of delivering user-centric innovations at world-renown companies.
Matt Evans
Senior Product Scientist, Qualtrics
Matt Evans is head of Employee Experience at Qualtrics. He leads a team of I/O Psychologies who develop employee listening methodologies to use with Qualtrics’s thousands of customers across the world.
Ariel Robinson
Cybersecurity and Privacy Professional
Ariel Robinson is a nationally-recognized security analyst with over 100 publications and citations across industry publications, mainstream media, and academia. Ms. Robinson's academic background is in cognitive science and linguistics, and she has built a career out of translating highly technical concepts between vastly different stakeholders.
Joe Reinemann
Automation Specialist, Tray.iO 
Marina Liang
Senior Security Engineer, Automox
Jason Kikta
CISO, Automox
Jason Kikta is the Chief Information Security Officer at Automox. He previously served for over twenty years in the United States Marine Corps. This included seven years at United States Cyber Command designing and managing the national counter-APT and counter-ransomware missions.
Jen Vaccaro
Jen Vaccaro
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Workflows, Okta
Jen Vaccaro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Okta Workflows. She is focused on building out use cases, training material, and go-to-market activities for new products in the low code/no code space. Prior to Okta, Jen worked at Cloudflare where she led Product Marketing for their Developer Platform.
Sherelle Moore
SOC Manager, City of Dallas
Sherelle Moore has her own organization Cyion Cyber Security Services, LLC. Some of the service offerings are SOC buildout, SOC Augmentation, Policy/Process development, Implementation, Security Training and awareness and Incident Response.
Sidney M. Prescott
Global Head of Intelligent Automation, Spotify
Sidney heads up the Global Intelligent Automation initiative at music streaming powerhouse Spotify as the Global Head of Intelligent Automation. In August 2021, Sidney received her Master of Business Administration as a part of the country’s first Executive Women’s MBA cohort at Brenau University.
Rebecca Herold
Rebecca Herold
CEO of Privacy & Security Brainiacs SaaS services & CEO of The Privacy Professor consultancy
Rebecca Herold is CEO of Privacy & Security Brainiacs SaaS services, and CEO of The Privacy Professor consultancy. Rebecca has 30+ years of IT, security, privacy & compliance experience, and has authored 22 books. Rebecca has been an expert on the NIST Cybersecurity for IoT Program team for 3+ years and was a NIST Privacy Framework expert.
Shalin Jyotishi
Senior Program Manager, Burning Glass Institute
Shalin Jyotishi serves as the Future of Work Fellow at the Center on Education and Labor at New America (CELNA). He is the Senior Program Manager of the Burning Glass Institute, a data analytics think-tank dedicated to the future of work and learning. Shalin is also a Fellow in AI at the World Economic Forum.
Kayne McGladrey
Kayne McGladrey, CISSP
Field CISO, Hyperproof
Kayne McGladrey, CISSP is the field CISO for Hyperproof and a senior member of the IEEE. He has over two decades of experience in cybersecurity and has served as a CISO and advisory board member, and focuses on the policy, social, and economic effects of cybersecurity lapses to individuals, companies, and the nation.
Scott Kern Photo
Scott Kern
Vice President , Customer & Technical Solutions, HID
Scott Kern is a Vice President of Customer & Technical Solutions for HID with over twenty years of experience implementing PKI-enabled solutions that provide identity and authentication capabilities to meet a wide variety of compliance-driven initiatives.
Mrugesh Chandarana
Mrugesh Chandarana
Director, Product Management for Identity and Access Management Solutions, HID Global
Mrugesh Chandarana is a Director of Product Management for Identity and Access Management Solutions at HID, where he focuses on IoT and PKI solutions. He has more than ten years of cybersecurity industry experience in areas such as risk management, threat and vulnerability management, application security and PKI.
Dana Gardner headshot
Dana Gardner
Pesident and Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions
Dana Gardner, a leading identifier of software and cloud productivity trends and new IT business growth opportunities, tracks and analyzes a critical set of enterprise software technologies and business development issues: Cloud computing, hybrid IT, software-defined data center, IT productivity, multicloud, AI, and ML.
Andrew Graf
Chief Product Officer, TeamDynamix
Andrew is the Chief Product Strategist for TeamDynamix. His passion lies in helping organizations thrive in an ever-changing environment. As a co-founder of TeamDynamix, Andrew is well versed in the common issues facing IT leaders– as the need for increased IT Maturity rises, he is able to help map out a way forward.
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