Cybersecurity’s Hottest New Technologies:

What You Need to Know

March 21, 2024
11:00am - 5:00pm ET | Doors Open at 10:30am ET

ChatGPT opened the AI floodgates for both threat actors and defenders to up their game. At the same time, cloud-based applications and services are gradually becoming the norm for many organizations.

These seismic shifts in cybersecurity will shape the face of zero-day attacks, ransomware, and supply chain compromises, leaving security teams wondering if their existing defenses can hold up against a new wave of threats powered by AI and new cloud-borne and cloud-targeted attacks.

Join us March 21, 2024, as we discuss some of the most promising emerging cybersecurity technologies and how you can adopt them into your organizations.

Topics Include:
Tips and Recommendations for determining the best technologies for your enterprise
Integrating emerging technologies with existing IT security environments
Handling the new landscapes created by Generative AI
Managing the threat of identity compromise in the cloud
The changing ways of analyzing threat data and events
11:00am – 11:45am

Game-Changing Cybersecurity Technologies

Sponsored by: Wiz
Speaker(s): Alberto Yepez, Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital | Nicolas Ehrman, Product Marketing, Wiz
Moderated by: Fahmida Y Rashid, Managing Editor, Dark Reading

Some 3,500 cybersecurity vendors and service providers are regularly rolling out new products and services. In this keynote address, a top security technology expert goes beyond the hype and highlights some of the newest technologies and trends and offers tips and recommendations on how to determine which security technologies can best help you secure your enterprise in 2024.​

12:15pm – 1:00pm

A CISO’s Guide to Next-Generation Cyber Defenses​

Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks
Speaker(s): Rinki Sethi, CISO, | Yoni Allon, Vice President of Research, Cortex at Palo Alto Networks
Moderated by: Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading

Fresh new cybersecurity technologies can be exciting and promising, but the reality is that organizations still face challenges blending new tools and approaches with existing security technologies that can’t simply be ripped out and replaced. In this keynote address, an experienced security practitioner offers insights for chief information security officers (CISOs) into how to integrate some of the hottest emerging technologies and disciplines into an existing IT security environment to ensure a smooth shift to a stronger defense.​

Spotlight Webinar
1:30pm – 2:00pm

The AI Security Series: The State of AI in the Cloud 2024

Sponsored by: Wiz

Over the past year and a half, generative AI has seen explosive growth among both end-users and businesses. But at what rate?

In this webinar, Wiz Threat Researcher, Amitai Cohen, will delve into the data and analysis of over 150,000+ cloud accounts to share what they’ve learned, including:

  • The breakdown of generative AI’s impact on the cloud landscape
  • Statistics on the surge of AI services across major cloud providers
  • What this means to you: Rising costs and new security concerns

No fluff, just practical insights for a successful and secure AI integration in your cloud strategy.

Spotlight Webinar
1:30pm – 2:00pm

A Leader's Guide to Security Operations: Improve Productivity With Threat Intelligence and Automation

Sponsored by: Palo Alto Networks

In The 2021 State of Enterprise Breaches, Forrester found that enterprises spend a median of 37 days and a mean of $2.4 million to find and recover from a breach.

Ensure your team is prepared for advanced threat actors. Join this fireside chat with Niall Browne, CISO at Palo Alto Networks, and guest speaker Allie Mellen, senior analyst at Forrester.

They’ll candidly discuss digital transformation, SOC automation and tactical security operations. Forrester recommends that security leaders advocate investment in digital transformation. This will help organizations be more adaptable while focusing on data and metrics to uncover prevalent attack vectors.

Tune in to hear their unique perspectives on:

  • The critical issues they see today in the SOC.
  • How security leaders can successfully incorporate threat intelligence.
  • Strategic technology upgrades to prioritize for digital and SOC transformation.
  • What they predict to be the biggest shifts in SecOps.
2:15pm - 3:00pm

The Promise and Perils of AI​

Sponsored by: KnowBe4 | Snyk
Panelists: Jutta Williams, Senior Director of Security, Privacy and Compliance Engineering, Reddit | Dane Sherrets, Senior Solutions Architect, HackerOne | James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4 | Sonya Moisset, Senior Security Advocate
Moderated by: Tara Seals, Managing Editor, News, Dark Reading

Generative AI – starting with the arrival of ChatGPT early last year — hit the security sector like no other technology, putting powerful artificial intelligence tools in the hands of everyone nearly overnight. Suddenly organizations were faced with employees inadvertently exposing and leaking sensitive company data, as well as concerns over threat actors advancing and automating their attacks using AI. In this panel discussion, experts will explain how to protect your organization from internal mishandling of the technology, and from a new generation of AI-powered cyberattacks. You will learn how to harness AI for good as a security tool, for both your secure application development (DevSecOps) and SecOps teams.​

3:15pm - 4:00pm

Managing & Securing Identities in the Cloud​

Sponsored by: Gem | Reveal
Panelists: Zack Glick, CTO, Zatik Security | Teresa Wu, Chair of the Steering Committee, Identity and Access Forum | Ron Konigsberg, CTO & Co-Founder, Gem Security | Adam Koblentz, Field CTO, Reveal Security
Moderated by: Fahmida Y Rashid

A core element of a cloud security strategy is effectively managing and tracking user and machine identities—and activity—in the cloud. That includes human, machine, vendor, and service provider identities in cloud infrastructure and platform services, and entails managing and protecting identities. In this panel discussion, experts will discuss the threat of identity compromise in the cloud, as well as best practices, tools, and technologies that can help enterprises keep them secure. ​

4:15pm - 5:00pm

Next-Gen SecOps

Sponsored by: CardinalOps | Torq
Panelists: John Hubbard, SANS Senior Instructor, SOC Consultant, and Speaker | Allie Mellen, Principal Analyst, Forrester | Jay Lillie, Vice President for Customer Success, CardinalOps | Leonid Belkind, Co-Founder & CTO, Torq
Moderated by: Becky Bracken, Editor, Dark Reading

The security operations center (SOC) is evolving, driven by cloud-based managed services and tools that automate — and decentralize — the team tasked with defending a far-flung enterprise infrastructure. How do you build out a modern SecOps team and which technologies should you adopt to drive it? In this panel discussion, experts explain how orchestration, eXtended Detection and Response (XDR), and AI are changing the way security teams collect and analyze threat data and events. In addition you will learn how to streamline your security tools with new technologies that advance the security of your enterprise. ​

All Day

On Demand Demo

Sponsored by: Hive Pro
Presented by: Zaira Pirzada, Vice President of Product Marketing, Hive Pro
All Day

The Future of Cyber Defense: Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Sponsored by: Hive Pro
Presented by: Zaira Pirzada, Vice President of Product Marketing, Hive Pro

Cyber adversaries are intensifying their attacks, employing greater volumes and sophistication. In response, cyber defenders need a forward-looking strategy that empowers them to outmaneuver these threats and enhance cyber resilience. The traditional approach of playing catch-up in this cat-and-mouse game results in diagnostic fatigue, escalated costs, and inefficient risk management. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) offers a solution, providing a proactive and comprehensive framework to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks. This session will explore the inception of CTEM, highlighting how it advances beyond conventional attack surface and vulnerability management by integrating threat intelligence, risk prioritization algorithms, breach and attack simulation, and improved exposure visibility. CTEM is poised to revolutionize cybersecurity strategies, shifting the focus from reactive measures to proactive, strategic defense against evolving cyber challenges.

All Day

Orca AI Security

Sponsored by: Orca
Presented by: Neil Carpenter, Field CTO, Orca Security

Securing AI Models from Development to Production.

All Day

Orca Security: Cloud to Dev

Sponsored by: Orca
Presented by: Shai Alon, Director of AI Innovation, Orca Security

Cybersecurity’s Hottest New Technologies:

March 21, 2024
11:00am - 5:00pm ET | Doors Open at 10:30am ET

Shai Alon
Director of AI Innovation, Orca Security
Shai Alon, Orca Security's Director of AI Innovation, spearheads the AI search engine development, a hallmark and distinct feature at Orca. His entrepreneurial background includes founding two tech ventures, from advancing AI chatbots at Chat Leap to leading RapidSec to acquisition by Orca.
Dane Sherrets
Senior Solutions Architect, HackerOne
Dane is an experienced Senior Solutions Architect at HackerOne, helping large enterprises and governments to successfully leverage bug bounty programs and ethical hacking services to best minimise growing cyber risks. Prior to joining HackerOne, Dane worked as a mobile application security specialist.
Jutta Williams
Senior Director of Security, Privacy and Compliance Engineering, Reddit
Reddit's Jutta Williams, who is also co-founder of the responsible AI-focused tech nonprofit Humane Intelligence, was the inaugural chairperson and head of the US delegation to ISO for AI standards. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she was the former head of privacy at Bolt.
Yoni Allon
Vice President of Research, Cortex at Palo Alto Networks
Yoni Allon, an alumnus of the Israeli intelligence unit 8200, leads the Cortex Research organization. His organization is responsible for researching and developing patented AI and analytics modules to detect and prevent advanced attackers using Cortex XDR, XSIAM, XSOAR, and Managed Services.
Teresa Wu
Chair of the Steering Committee, Identity and Access Forum
Teresa Wu has over two decades of expertise and serves as chair of the Identity and Access Forum within the Secure Technology Alliance. She has successfully overseen diverse product portfolios, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, digital identity, identity documents, and biometric solutions.
Leonid Belkind
Co-Founder & CTO, Torq
Leonid Belkind is a co-founder and CTO at Torq, the security hyperautomation leader. Prior to Torq, Leonid co-founded, and was CTO of Luminate Security, where he guided the enterprise-grade service from inception to Fortune 500 adoption to acquisition by Symantec.
Adam Koblentz
Field CTO, Reveal Security
Adam Koblentz is the Field CTO at Reveal Security, an identity threat detection and response company. Adam is a security expert, with emphasis in the areas of ITDR, security validation, EDR, incident response, security engineering and integrations.
James McQuiggan
Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4
James McQuiggan is a Security Awareness Advocate for KnowBe4. Prior to joining KnowBe4, McQuiggan worked for Siemens for 18 years where he was responsible for various roles, including Product & Solution Security Officer for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.
Nicolas Ehrman
Product Marketing, Wiz
Nicolas is product marketing manager and focuses mainly on the security of containerized environments and cloud-native applications. For over 20 years in IT, he has specialized in cloud infrastructure, automation and security, and has worked for companies such as EMC, Red Hat and HashiCorp.
Ron Konigsberg
CTO & Co-Founder, Gem Security
Ron leads technology, innovation, and engineering at Gem Security, the cloud detection and incident response company recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Modern Security Operations. Prior to Gem, he was Chief Architect and Chief Growth Officer at Singular, a cloud-native data analytics company.
Zaira Pirzada
Vice President of Product Marketing, Hive Pro
Zaira Pirzada was a Security Analyst with Gartner, Inc., covering the DLP, File Analysis, and Data Masking markets. Zaira was also featured on CBS as a main actress in the prime-time television show “Hunted”, Wired for her technical acumen, and is currently a popular-selling poet and performer.
Allie Mellen
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Allie Mellen is a Forrester analyst covering security operations, nation-state threats, and the use of automation, machine learning, and AI in security tools. She has been in the technology industry for over a decade in various engineering roles: doing research at MIT, running her own engineering consultancy, and more.
John Hubbard
SANS Senior Instructor, SOC consultant, and Speaker
John is a Security Operations Center (SOC) consultant and speaker, a Senior SANS instructor, and the course author of two SANS courses, SEC450: Blue Team Fundamentals - Security Operations and Analysis and LDR551: Building and Leading Security Operations Centers. John also teaches additional SANS Blue Team courses such as SEC511.
Sonya Moisset
Senior Security Advocate
Sonya is a Senior Security Advocate and a lifelong traveler who lived in the Middle-East, North Africa and Asia. She’s passionate about Open Source, DevSecops and Cloud Computing. She’s the founder of Epic Women in Cyber and Epic Women in Tech, two initiatives to showcase women in the tech and cyber industries.
Rinki Sethi
Rinki is currently the Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at BILL, where she will be leading the global information technology functions and is also responsible for leading efforts to protect BILL’s information and technology assets and advise the company’s continued innovations in the security space.
Zack Glick
CTO, Zatik Security
Zack Glick is a technology translator who works with practitioners to understand and solve problems. He expertly converts highly technical concepts to the language of risk and strategy for business decision makers. A seasoned security engineer and architect, Zack has worked on operational security teams at large cloud providers and SaaS companies.
Alberto Yepez
Managing Director, Forgepoint Capital
A serial entrepreneur, executive, and investor in cybersecurity, Alberto has a track record of building global businesses and leading them to successful exits. At Forgepoint, Alberto led investments in Attivo Networks (acq. SentinelOne) Area 1 (acq. Cloudflare), BehavioSec (acq. LexisNexis Risk Solutions/RELX).
Jay Lillie
Vice President of Customer Success, CardinalOps
Jay Lillie is VP Customer Success for CardinalOps where he helps organizations around the world improve their SIEM-based detection posture. After an early career in business process management and Big Data, his more recent experience in cybersecurity ranges from machine learning behavioral analytics to identity governance.
Neil Carpenter
Field CTO, Orca Security
As Orca's Field CTO, Neil helps organizations identify and contain security risks in their cloud estates. His passion for getting ahead of security problems comes from over a decade of leading customer-facing security incident response teams at Microsoft and seeing what happens when attackers win.
Becky Bracken
Editor, Dark Reading
Becky Bracken has built a decades-long journalism career with a focus on cybersecurity issues and serves as an editor for Dark Reading.
Tara Seals
Managing Editor, News, Dark Reading
Tara Seals has 20+ years of experience as a journalist, analyst and editor in the cybersecurity, communications and technology space. Prior to Dark Reading, Tara was Editor in Chief at Threatpost, and prior to that, the North American news lead for Infosecurity Magazine.
Fahmida Y Rashid headshot
Fahmida Y Rashid
Managing Editor, Dark Reading
Fahmida Y Rashid is Dark Reading’s managing editor, focusing on stories that provide security professionals with the information they need to do their jobs. She has spent over a decade analyzing news events and demystifying security technology for IT professionals and business managers.
Kelly Jackson Higgins
Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading
Kelly Jackson Higgins is the Editor-in-Chief of Dark Reading. She is an award-winning veteran technology and business journalist with more than two decades of experience in reporting and editing for various publications, including Network Computing, Secure Enterprise Magazine, Virginia Business magazine, and other major media properties.
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