Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

December 14, 2023

A full-day virtual event co-hosted by Black Hat, Dark Reading, and Omdia that explores the cyber threats and technology trends to prepare for in the new year.

2024 is just around the corner – and so are new and evolving threats posed by cybercriminals and nation-states as well as emerging products and technologies that can help mitigate those threats. You’ll hear from some of the cybersecurity industry’s leading analysts and experts examining the next wave of cyber threats and attacks and technologies on which threats to prioritize and which technologies to adopt.

Topics Include:
New cyber threats and attack trends to watch for in the new year and how to defend against them
Next-generation approaches to current security problems such as cyber extortion, ransomware, widespread zero-day exploits, and cloud attacks
How to build a proactive security strategy with risk-based vulnerability management
What to expect as generative AI grows and evolves
Cloud security flaws in software and the cloud
How AI will serve as both friend and foe to the SecOps team
Key steps your organization should take to prepare for emerging threats in 2024
And much more!
11:00AM - 11:45AM ET

2024 Outlook: What Trends are on the Near Horizon in Cybersecurity?

Sponsored by: ExtraHop
Speaker(s): Maxine Holt, Senior Director, Cybersecurity (Omdia and Informa Tech)

Headline after headline, especially of data breaches, has intensified the scrutiny on cybersecurity. Economic headwinds add to the challenges faced by CISOs and their teams. Yet the organization must be secure and able to innovate. In this keynote address, Maxine Holt, head of Omdia’s cybersecurity research practice, provides insight into the cybersecurity trends on the near horizon that organizations should be preparing for, and provides advice on next steps.

Fireside Chat
11:45AM - 12:00PM ET

Sponsored by: ExtraHop
Speaker(s): Bryan Lares, Vice President of Product, ExtraHop
Moderated by: Maxine Holt, Senior Director, Cybersecurity (Omdia and Informa Tech)
12:15PM - 1:00PM ET

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management: Cornerstone of a Proactive Security Strategy

Sponsored by: Wiz
Speaker(s): Andrew Braunberg, Principal Analyst, SecOps, Omdia

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management has emerged as a key component of proactive cyber security strategies. Proactive approaches to security focus on reducing cyber risk by understanding, managing and reducing an organization’s attack surface. RBVM solutions create risk scores for specific vulnerabilities and assets, allowing security teams to create prioritized remediation recommendations.

Fireside Chat
1:00PM - 1:15 PM ET

Sponsored by: Wiz
1:30PM - 2:15PM ET

Me and My Evil Digital Twin: The Psychology of Human Exploitation by AI Assistants

Speaker(s): Matthew Canham, CEO, Beyond Layer 7
Moderated by: Fahmida Y Rashid, Managing Editor, Features, Dark Reading

ChatGPT and GPT-4 large language models (LLMs) have taken the world by storm. Last year, a Google engineer became so convinced that a model was sentient that he violated his NDA. Two years ago, few were taking the prospect of the emergence of artificial general intelligence (AGI) seriously. Today, even conservative experts suggest a much quicker timeline. The truth, as we will show, is much stranger: humans will perceive LLMs as sentient long before actual artificial consciousness emerges, and digital agents will discover and manipulate principles of human cognitive operating rules far in advance of AGI.​

2:30PM - 3:15PM ET

Cloud Security Myths Dispelled

Sponsored by: Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)
Speaker(s): Jay Thoden van Velzen, Head of Security Operations, SAP Multicloud
Moderated by: Kelly Jackson Higgins Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading

Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean surrendering all security responsibility to the cloud application or cloud service provider. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding cloud security – such as who is responsible for what — as well as common misconfigurations that can lead to exposed or vulnerable cloud accounts. In this keynote, a practitioner will discuss emerging threats to cloud assets and services, common missteps – and will dispel misunderstandings and myths around securing cloud accounts so you can better secure your cloud assets.

Fireside Chat
3:15PM - 3:30PM ET

Sponsored by: Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)
Speaker(s): Matt Shelton, Head of Threat Research and Analysis, Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud
Moderated by: Kelly Jackson Higgins Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading
4:00PM - 4:30PM ET

Cloud Threat Forecast

Sponsored by: Censys | Snowflake
Panelists: Jacob Salassi, Director, Product Security, Snowflake | Dan Whitford, Senior Sales Engineer, Censys
Moderated by: Becky Bracken, Editor, Dark Reading

Enterprises accelerated their move to cloud applications and services during the pandemic to accommodate the work-from-home wave. That sudden shift to the cloud at the same time opened up a whole new potential attack surface that many organizations still struggle to manage and secure. In this panel discussion, cloud security experts will share insights into the types of security flaws, threats, and attacks that could be on the cloud horizon for enterprises in 2024. They also will discuss promising technologies and strategies for securing cloud assets.

4:30PM - 5:00PM ET

New Year’s Resolutions for the Security Operation Team

Sponsored by: CardinalOps | Orca
Panelists: Andrew Hay, CEO, Lares | Taharka Beamon, SOC Manager, Reed Exhibitions | Neil Carpenter, Principal Technical Evangelist, Orca
Moderated by: Dan Raywood, Senior Editor, Dark Reading

With a rapidly evolving threat landscape, new threat actors, and a hybrid workforce – and a workforce that includes the security operations teams themselves – an enterprise’s security posture must be constantly evolving and adapting. What are the main priorities security teams should implement in 2024 to best keep their IT infrastructure secure? In this panel discussion, experts will share the most important security issues that SecOps teams should address in the coming year, key technologies that can help, and the best practices for executing these New Year’s resolutions.

All Day

Ransomware How to Detect Attacks Before They Become Catastrophic

Sponsored by: LogRhythm
Presented by: Gabrielle Hempel, Customer Solutions Engineer, LogRhythm | Mikiann Mcintosh, Risk & Compliance Engineer, LogRhythm | Anna Zummer, Customer Solutions Engineer, LogRhythm

Tines: Product Demo

Sponsored by: Tines
Presented by: Eoin Hinchy, Co-Founder and CEO, Tines

Panoptica: A Brief Introduction

Sponsored by: Cisco
Presented by: Tim Miller, Technical Marketing Engineer, Outshift by Cisco

Cybersecurity Outlook 2024

December 14, 2023

Shaked Rotlevi
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Wiz
Kish Galappatti
Senior Sales Engineer, CardinalOps
Kish Galappatti, Senior Sales Engineer at CardinalOps is a data security professional with over 20 years experience implementing cybersecurity and data privacy solutions for enterprise clients. Kish has a background in the financial services industry where he built large scale distributed systems.
Matt Shelton
Head of Threat Research and Analysis, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud)
Matt Shelton has over 20 years’ experience building and operating intelligence-led cybersecurity programs across industry, government, and consulting with deep expertise in threat intelligence, security operations, incident response, and security architecture.
Taharka Beamon
SOC Manager, Reed Exhibitions
Taharka Beamon is a SOC Manager who leads a global team focused on security incident response and vulnerability management. Taharka has attained the CISM, CISSP, CySA+ and Security+ certifications as well as a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity from Harvard Extension School.
Andrew Hay
CEO, Lares
Eoin Hinchy
Co-Founder and CEO, Tines
Eoin Hinchy is the co-founder and CEO of Tines, a no-code automation platform that helps the world’s leading security and ops teams automate their manual workloads. Prior to Tines, Eoin spent 15 years working in security at companies like eBay, PayPal, and DocuSign.
Dan Whitford
Senior Sales Engineer, Censys
Anna Zummer
Customer Solutions Engineer, LogRhythm
Professionally Anna works at forming strong relationships with customers and providing individualized, compassionate, and consistent customer service.
Mikiann Mcintosh
Risk & Compliance Engineer, LogRhythm
Mikkiann is a privacy and security enthusiast who offers a complete suite of services that provide organizations with a clear, concise understanding of their vulnerabilities as well as the appropriate steps to take to remediate those risks.
Gabrielle Hempel
Customer Solutions Engineer, LogRhythm
Gabrielle Hempel is a Customer Solutions Engineer at LogRhythm, distinguished by a diverse expertise that encompasses Cloud Engineering, Vulnerability Management, and Network Detection and Response (NDR). With an MS in Cybersecurity and Global Affairs from NYU, Gabrielle presented an impactful Masters Thesis on Critical Infrastructure Security.
Jacob Salassi
Director, Product Security, Snowflake
Jacob Salassi is Director of Product Security at Snowflake. Jacob led Snowflake's pre- & post IPO transformation from a bottlenecked, security engineer centric process that slowed teams down to a developer owned security process that ships features faster and more securely.
Bryan Lares
Vice President of Product, ExtraHop
Bryan Lares is the VP of Product at ExtraHop. Working alongside a world-class executive team, Bryan and his team are responsible for global product strategy, product management and product design. Bryan brings more than 20 years of experience in enterprise technology.
John Bambenek
President, Bambenek Consulting
John Bambenek is President of Bambenek Consulting and an incident handler at the SANS Internet Storm Center. He has been researching security threats and criminal organizations for over 20 years and has been coordinating with US and foreign law enforcement entities to help bring criminal actors to justice.
Jay Thoden van Velzen
Head of Security Operations, SAP Multicloud
Jay is Strategic Advisor to SAP’s Chief Security Officer, Sebastian Lange. Over the last four years he spearheaded several cloud security improvement programs during rapid cloud transformation and growth. These programs have implemented guardrails, deployed central security services, established accountability structures, and more.
Tim Miller
Technical Marketing Engineer, Outshift by Cisco
Tim is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Outshift by Cisco. He focuses on cloud native application security, presenting technical presentations and solutions to customers and at industry events. Previously, at Cisco, he provided technical pre-sales engineering on data center technologies.
Brandon Sterne
Senior Manager of Software Engineering
Neil Carpenter
Field CTO, Orca Security
As Orca's Field CTO, Neil helps organizations identify and contain security risks in their cloud estates. His passion for getting ahead of security problems comes from over a decade of leading customer-facing security incident response teams at Microsoft and seeing what happens when attackers win.
Matthew Canham
CEO, Beyond Layer 7
Dr. Matthew Canham is the CEO of Beyond Layer 7 (Belay7), a consultancy dedicated to shoring the human shield against malicious actors. Belay 7 helps organizations design and implement insider threat programs, provide security awareness for employees, behavioral analytics, and data science services.
Andrew Braunberg
Principal Analyst, SecOps, Omdia
Andrew supports Omdia's Cybersecurity Operations (SecOps) Intelligence Service research practice, guiding vendor, service provider, and enterprise clients. He provides thought-leading analysis on technologies, trends, and innovations in enterprise security operations centers (SOCs), and specifically on the proactive technologies.
Dan Raywood
Senior Editor, Dark Reading
Dan Raywood is Senior Editor of Dark Reading, covering Middle East and Africa for DR Global. With 15 years experience of covering cybersecurity as a journalist, editor, analyst and product marketer, he has also featured on global news channels discussing cybersecurity issues.
Fernando Montenegro
Senior Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity, Omdia
Fernando is a Senior Principal Analyst on Omdia’s cybersecurity research team, based in Toronto, Canada. He focuses on the Infrastructure Security Intelligence Service, which provides vendors, service providers, and enterprise clients with insights and data on network security, content security, and more.
Becky Bracken
Editor, Dark Reading
Becky Bracken has built a decades-long journalism career with a focus on cybersecurity issues and serves as an editor for Dark Reading.
Fahmida Y Rashid headshot
Fahmida Y Rashid
Managing Editor, Dark Reading
Fahmida Y Rashid is Dark Reading’s managing editor, focusing on stories that provide security professionals with the information they need to do their jobs. She has spent over a decade analyzing news events and demystifying security technology for IT professionals and business managers.
Kelly Jackson Higgins
Editor-in-Chief, Dark Reading
Kelly Jackson Higgins is the Editor-in-Chief of Dark Reading. She is an award-winning veteran technology and business journalist with more than two decades of experience in reporting and editing for various publications, including Network Computing, Secure Enterprise Magazine, Virginia Business magazine, and other major media properties.
Maxine Holt
Maxine Holt
Senior Research Director, Cybersecurity, Omdia
Maxine Holt leads the Omdia cybersecurity research, developing a comprehensive research program in this area to support vendor, service provider, and enterprise clients in the areas of infrastructure security, security operations, data security, and identity, authentication, and access.
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